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Hands, Lips & Bath Healing Creams & Lotions

Fresh, simple and effective, our products combine age old herbal wisdom with wholesome, natural ingredients.  We mix them in small, careful batches for the best quality.

Our ultra rich healing creams quench skin with long lasting hydration while healing and protecting from dryness.
Insect Control Meadow Collection ~ Fine Bodycare
Insect Veil is an all natural method of insect control. Utilizing age-old herbal wisdom, we have combined lemongrass, wintergreen and catnip oils with good old Soy Oil.
Inspired by the open meadows typical of farmland, we selected some of nature's most potent extracts from trees, wildflowers, and herbs to formulate our Meadow Collection.  

Natural Body Products

Our natural body products provide relief from your outdoor activities that leave the body in need of some soothing. Our best natural skin moisturizers are made in small batches and with the simplest of ingredients that go straight to work. If you are searching for organic natural skin care you have found the most carefully made products. We pride ourselves in offering the freshest botanical soaps and lotions that complement your other green home products.