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Almond Blossom Coconut Lime
A complex mix of sweet almond blossom and almond nut. The fragrance combination is old fashioned, warm and comforting.

A bright and energizing mix of fresh lime zest mixed with exotic and nutty coconut.

Cranberry Cinnamon Fresh White Lilac

Wonderfully rich and fragrant aroma with fresh crisp cranberry notes, fresh off the autumn bogs, balanced by ancient and comforting cinnamon.

Light and green floral smells just like a lilac bush in full bloom.
Grapefruit Herb Blossom
Fresh and zesty grapefruit essential oil is mixed with tangerine for a bright and energizing effect. Just like smelling a fresh cut sun-ripened grapefruit.
A fresh fragrance based on sunwarmed blossoms of coriander, thyme, and tarragon. A touch of green parsley finishes the effect.
Holiday Greenery Lavender
Clear fresh pine, cedar, spruce, juniper, and moss immediately evoke feelings of holiday nostalgia.
Our signature fragrance made with pure lavender essential oil. Light, true and herbal.
Lemon Verbena Sage & Juniper
Top clear notes of bright lemon combined earthy green verbena.
Fresh full notes of Sage are balanced with the complex fruity fragrance of Juniper Berry.
Spiced Pumpkin Vanilla Milk
 Pumpkin, cinnamon and clove, reminds one of the traditions of autumn.
A very soft and warm fragrance that lingers gently on your skin. We created this blend of light vanilla bean and balanced it with milk notes and a bit of musk.
Winter Birch
White Birch, Rich Sandalwood and Warm Musk... An intriguing blend that reminds you of fresh winter air.