Plant Based Dish Soap

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Product Description

This all-natural, plant-based cleanser contains none of the harsh and toxic chemicals of the mass-market brands, and works hard on your dishes.


  • Natural, non-toxic ingredients.
  • Safe and effective clean.
  • Comes in eight refreshing scents.

With this all-natural dish soap, you can make potatoes au gratin without having to work up a sweat scrubbing the crusted on mess. Just soak it in a little squirt of this crystal liquid go relax, and the dish will get itself clean! You might want to buy two because it is very addictive once you start using it. Men, in particular, find the fragrance very attractive, causing arguments over who gets to clean up the dishes. Shop this and other natural cleaning products today with Sweet Grass Farm.


  • Ingredients:  Biodegradable Plant Derived Cleansers, Water, Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil
  • 17.6-ounce bottle
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    No smell

    Extremely disappointed as this has no scent & you need to use a lot of soap to get suds.

    White lilac dish soap

    Love this product! It cleans dishes, pots pans, everything! And that smell!!! Heavenly!

    plant base dish soap

    fabulous I have skin allergies and this is so gentle on my hands been using it for years

    Delicious Dishes!

    Dear Sweet Grass Farm,

    Before I begin, I must confess that I am addicted to natural cleaning products. I have tried almost every brand out there including: Honest Co., Murchison Hume, Attitude, I.Q., Caldrea, Mrs. Meyers, Common Good, Puracy, Rebel Green, Method, Aspen Clean, Seventh Generation, Whole Foods, Martha Stewart, J.R. Watkins, Ecos, Ecover, Ecokindness, Earth Friendly Products and Better Life. However, I wasn't really happy with any of them. I found their performance and fragrance to be mediocre. I need to have an "experience" when I'm cleaning and with these other companies, it just felt like a mundane chore.

    A good friend (who is a clean freak) recommended and raved about Sweet Grass Farm. So, I ordered your dish soap, laundry powder and all purpose surface spray in Fresh White Lilac. The package arrived the next day. I was super impressed by the shipping alone!

    Ohhh, the fragrance is heavenly, absolutely heavenly! Imagine rolling around in fields of lilac blooms! Most importantly, it worked wonderfully! I washed pots, pans, bowls, mugs, plates and silverware. I only used a small squirt and everything is sparking clean. Plus, the soft suds were gentle on my hands. I must reiterate that the Fresh White Lilac scent is gorgeous! The kitchen smells fantastic!

    Thank you, Sweet Grass Farm! I will never use any other brand but yours! You turned doing dishes into domestic deliciousness!!!!

    Love the dish soap

    The dish soap smells so good & gets everything clean.