Gardener's Muscle Balm

$10.95 USD

Product Description

Created with an old fashioned recipe from down on the farm, our Gardener’s Muscle Balm brings a soothing and warming sensation that relieves tired, achy muscles after gardening chores or over-exertion.  

  • Packaged in a long-lasting 4-ounce jar.
  • Guaranteed relief from aches and pain.
  • Plant-based, all-natural ingredients.
  • Use anywhere on the body.

    Our Gardener’s Muscle Balm is designed specifically for tired, overworked muscles. Whether you’re working on a farm, or simply in your garden, your aches and pains are guaranteed to be relieved. Its four ounce jar is long lasting! Shop now.

    Ingredients:  Canola Oil Gel, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Extract of Calendula, Cassia & Peppermint Essential Oils

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Michele Livinston
    Happy with order.

    It's a Christmas gift. Not sure

    Tracy W
    Love It!

    Love your product and the scent. Also helps me with sinus headaches!

    Linda Duke

    I’m wondering how this compares with Spring Chicken muscle rub??? I really love that stuff & it has cinnamon in it as well!! Has anyone ever used both?

    Shane Skrzypchak
    It could of been a little stronger.

    I work in the tree industry, sore muscles are a part of the job. I did enjoy the aromatherapy, which helped me relax. It didn't seem to penetrait the deep muscles. I think a ittle more heat and the product would of been perfect.

    William Listh
    Let’s me sleep better

    Works best for me at night. Good aroma. Lasts all night