Natural Lightly-Fragranced Laundry Sachets

$7.95 USD

Product Description

Around and around the sachet goes, tumbling in the dryer with your damp clothes! What comes out of this tumbling (in addition to the wonderful aroma wafting from your dryer, of course) is your clean-smelling, lightly-fragranced clothes! Each sachet is good for five or six washes. One bundle includes THREE sachets that can be used to freshen drawers, gym bags, shoes and anything else that smells less than pleasant!

  • Natural fragrances
  • Includes THREE sachets in each bundle
  • Choose from five different Farmhouse fragrances
  • Use anywhere that needs a little freshening!
  • Good for five or six washes

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Beautiful smell

These sachets smell wonderfully beautiful! They last a long time. I use them in my closets, drawers, under the seat of my car and on a shelf in the guest bath. They are cute to display. Tie a piece of ribbon and dried flower on one, and it looks perfect for a shelf! These also make great gifts!

Ibrahim Murad
These smell so good!

I love these! I have been looking for something to replace dryer sheets and these are the perfect solution!

Donna Paulin
Lovely Scent

I use the sachets in between the pillowcases and towels. When I reached for a fresh towel and I smelled it to see if I could smell anything and I did, same with the pillowcases. It is quite a light sent just like you said. Very nice, but could be stronger in my opinion. I love lavender, yours is the best.

Libby Kahat
natural and delicious smelling

love these sachets! i use them and tell my customers to use them in laundry, drawers, car, closets...

Dryer Sachets

The satchets are a great addition to my laundry regimen, in addition to the matching laundry powder. They add a pleasant aroma to the laundry. I highly recommend them.