Plant Based Dish Soap

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Product Description

Our liquid dish soap works hard. It is an all natural, plant-based cleanser that contains none of the harsh and toxic chemicals of the mass-market brands. So, it is very safe to use and smells absolutely lovely.  And does it work? Oh boy, you can make potatoes au gratin without having to work up a sweat scrubbing the crusted on mess. Just soak it in a little squirt of this crystal liquid go relax, and the dish will get itself clean!  17.6-ounce bottle--you might want to buy 2 because it is very addictive once you start using it.

Ingredients:  Biodegradable Plant Derived Cleansers, Water, Essential Oil and Fragrance Oil

Customer Reviews

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Patrice Christie
Smells wonderful but very little suds

I love all the sweetgrass products and this is no exception! Smells like the essence of Summer and it cleans well and rinse as well but it doesn't suds well.. I have to use the sprayer in My sink to get any kind of suds in the dish pan...?

Jennifer Linder
Poor Packaging

One bottle was broken and half spilled out!!! Worst experience ever! No one answered phone this morning either.

A lovely scent!

We love the liquid dish soap and have been using the lavender scent for many many years.It also works so well as a soap.We'll continue using it and loving it, I'm sure.

Gay Greenberg
Greatest Dish Soap Ever

I love the scent of lemon verbena; it cuts th3 grease too. Very fast shipping!


Thank you for my recent order of lemon verbena dish soap.
I love your product , it's the only dish soap I use now!