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Soy Wax Candle

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Perfect combination of pumpkin and cinnamon notes--a nostalgic reminder of autumn days.
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If you're not familiar with soy wax, you should be. It is much healthier for you--typical paraffin candles release toxins and lots of that black soot that you find on your ceilings and walls. These burn cleaner, longer, and what's best--they are made from 100% USA grown soybeans. A renewable resource! Of course, per usual, we've used a lot of fragrance in these candles, so you get a great long lasting scent-sation!
Available in Several Wonderful Fragrances
  • Pure Lavender ~ Highly fragranced with lavender essential oil
  • New England Woods ~ Piney and fresh, a walk in the woods
  • Baked Apples & Cream ~ Smells just like a gooey, sweet apple from the oven
  • Maple Sugar ~ Caramalized maple, just like the those sugary little candies you see
  • Green Tea ~ A nice, light citrusy tea fragrance
  • Lemon Verbena ~ Sharp tones of lemon zest balanced with green, grounding foliage
  • Tangerine Bergamot ~ Ripe and juicy tangerine fragrance blended with bitter, sharp bergamot zest
  • Blueberry ~ Fresh and fruity, just picked from the bush
  • Fresh White Lilac ~ We've created the perfect duplicate of a bunch of lilac flowers just picked
  • Coastal Bayberry ~ Spicy with clove and woodsy notes, a colonial favorite
  • Sugarmint ~ An exotic mix of peppermint and caramelized sugar. Perfect for clearing stale, stuffy rooms.
  • Citrus Blossom ~ Fresh and light floral notes tinged with lemon and lime, balanced with green herbs.
  • Grapefruit ~ Just like smelling a fresh cut sun-ripened grapefruit, this zesty uplifting aroma will awaken your senses.
  • Spiced Pumpkin ~ Pumpkin, cinnamon and clove, reminds one of the traditions of autumn.
  • Holiday Greenery ~ Clear fresh pine, cedar, spruce, juniper, and moss immediately evoke feelings of holiday nostalgia.
  • Cranberry Cinnamon ~ Crisp cranberry notes, fresh off the autumn bogs, balanced by ancient and comforting cinnamon.

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