Farmhouse Triple Milled Soap

$7.95 USD

Product Description

Milled in the French tradition, these rich and fragrant hard soaps produce a thick, frothy lather. We've infused each all-vegetable bar with a healthy dose of natural shea butter which is gentle, curative, full of vitamins, and provides balanced moisturizing for all skin types. The fragrances are derived from pure essential and fragrance oils and deliver just the right amount of delightful aroma to keep your skin healthy and happy! An old-fashioned bar of soap, just like Grammy used to use!

  • All natural ingredients
  • 7 oz. triple milled soap bar
  • Pure essential and fragrance oils
  • Available in four different fragrances

Ingredients: sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, water, shea butter, glycerin, essential oils, fragrance oils, olive fruit oil 

Customer Reviews

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Best Soap every

It couldn't possibly smell any better (fresh lilac) and is so soft on your skin. It even makes you whole house smell nice!

Skin Friendly

Sweetgrass soaps are the most skin friendly soaps that I have ever used. I've been using this brand since I first discovered them well over twenty years ago. I have used a variety of other brands along the way that seemed nice, but over time, my skin would feel dry or itchy and that would send me right back to Sweetgrass soaps. All of their soaps work great for me, and some of the smaller bars have a wider range of scents, but I have come to appreciate the larger size of the Farmhouse Triple Milled Bars.

Cathy Meredith
Love my soap!

I ordered the same kind of soap that I used last year and it was wonderful! The same great lather and refreshing aroma! Feels great on my skin!

Sandra Norman
Farmhouse soap

We love the lilac soap

Jeanette Matto

I wish it were not so expensive. I give it and give it to friends and family as gifts. The price is a little high now