All-Natural Furniture Wax

$6.00 USD

Product Description

We've chosen the hardest of natural waxes, carnauba, and made a concoction that nourishes your fine wood furniture and leaves it with a beautiful, protective sheen. Simply rub the wax on your furniture, let it set for a minute, and buff it with a soft cloth. You'll see a rich glow with the added aroma of your favorite Farmhouse fragrance!

  • All natural ingredients
  • 4 oz. canister
  • Handmade furniture polish
  • Available in four fragrances

Ingredients: carnauba wax, beeswax, olive oil, essential oil, fragrance oil

Customer Reviews

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I looove this product!

This wax does a fabulous job moisturizing my wood furniture, but what I especially love about this product is its FRAGRANCE!!

There's a nice clean smell to, say, Murphy's Oil Soap--which does not do the same job, btw.

...but, oh my, the aroma of your white lilac wafting from my furniture is absolutely mouth watering!