All-Natural Laundry Soap Concentrate

$12.95 USD

Product Description

This old-fashioned formula is wonderfully fragranced, biodegradable and an extremely effective alternative to chemical-based detergents. The low-sudsing formula is kind to nature and kind to those who are sensitive to chemicals and synthetic fragrances. You only need 1/8 cup per laundry load. Our all-natural laundry soap concentrate works great in HE front load washers and is gentle enough to clean your delicates, bathing suits and lingerie. There really is no limit to how, when, where or why you use this incredible product—our customers write daily to let us know this all-natural, eco-friendly laundry soap a practical luxury that they absolutely cannot live without!

  • 4 lb. bag of laundry soap concentrate
  • Enough for 50 loads of laundry
  • All natural ingredients
  • Available in four fragrances
  • Free of chemicals and synthetic fragrances

Ingredients: naturally derived, low-sudsing cleansers, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, essential and fragrance oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Adele Hessler
Happiness in my laundry tub

I ordered Lavender this time, but I am going to go back to White Lilac, which is fabulous. Adele in Florida

Joe Fuller
Greatest detergent ever!

I’ve been purchasing SGD for some time now and have never been disappointed with its ability to get my clothes clean and smelling great. With that being said I need to point out that without a phone call to your company I may never have had my latest order sent. As it stands now I’m completely out and will have to let the laundry pile up until delivery. I’m considering looking for another source of SGD.

Sherry Domanek
Sweet grass products

I love your Laundry soap , it smells so wonderful and I actually think it cleans better than the national brands. I was hesitant to try powdered laundry soap at first but it rinses out wonderful and leaves the clothes smelling great. Plus it is all natural. I love your products! I have tried your fabric softener , linen and room spray as well as your chap sticks. I love them all !!!!

Noemi Pajares

I love this detergent is perfect for my clothes and the smell so good,last a while great price .

Harold George
Products and service

We have been using this product exclusively for several years. Ordering online works great. We like all of their products.