All-Natural Room & Linen Freshening Spray

$7.95 USD

Product Description

Spritzing this wonderful, light and airy fragrancer in a room will help you get rid of pesky, lingering stink that somehow always manages to permeate your entire home. Or, treat your bedclothes and pillows to a quick mist before bedtime. Perfect for upholstery, carpets, draperies and, of course, spraying on your clothing before ironing, our linen spray can freshen up just about anything!

  • 17.6 oz. bottle
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Available in seven fragrances
  • Perfect for freshening clothes, pillows, bedclothes, air

Ingredients: purified water, Polysorbate 20 (diluent), essential and fragrance oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Found this product in a small gift shop in upstate NY. I was visiting family and I grabbed 5 before I left town. I've ordered from this company twice since and had it shipped to where i live in the Midwest. I love this scent as it reminds me of home.

Tyisha Greenwood
Absolutely love this scent!

I use their room sprays for our cleaning business & trust using them for our homes as well as our clients. Grapefruit is energizing, refreshing & perfect for summer! Love the white lilac & lavender too!! The only one that was a littoe too light for us is the sage & juniper

Andrea Brewster

I have loved the Grapefruit Linen Spray because of it’s subtle fragrance but it was out of stock so I chose the Lemon Verbena. I am equally happy with this scent. Fresh and not in the least bit overbearing.

Barbara B.
All Natural Room and Linen Freshening Spray - Grapefruit

I am not sure where I noticed this product about 2 years ago. All I know that after I smelled the fragrance, I had to have it. I love fragrance in my home, but it has to be light and natural. Nothing overpowering or "fake". This product checks off all those points. I love the smell of the fresh grapefruit. I keep a bottle in each bathroom and love to spray it in the air or on my bed linens. I just purchased two more bottles. They do last a long time.

Donna Thomson
Not what I expected based on description

The good: it is a truly pleasant scent and the size is hefty for the price. Fast shipment and great email communication.
The bad: the description refers to this as linen and room spray but hardly holds up to being a room spray. Weak at best. Linen spray, maybe. The scent disipates quickly leaving no evidence of its use. Had it not been the price I paid I would have contacted the company for a return and refund. I would not recommend this if you are seeking a something that lasts as an air fresherener. Very weak to almost nonexistent after several minutes. Very disappointing because the scent is good but has absolutely no staying power. The reference to it being a room spray is midleading, untrue and should be taken out of the description.