Benefits of Burning Candles in Your Home

Benefits of Burning Candles in Your Home

Candles are a great addition to any home. While many people love burning candles for the scent, the feel, or to add a relaxing touch during their weekly self-care session, there are many other benefits that candles can provide that you may not have realized. Candles are generally viewed as an aesthetic addition to a home, more decor than anything useful. However, burning candles is providing you much more than a pleasant scent and fun style.

When you think about why you burn candles, you may realize that they have a lot to offer. They can be peaceful, calming, and soothing after a long day. Most people burn candles on the days they want to relax or relieve stress, and while they are generally paired with a glass of wine, a bubble bath, or cuddling on the couch, candles can provide these benefits and more.

At Sweet Grass Farm, we offer soy wax candles that come in a variety of scents from beneficial essential oils. Our soy wax candles are made with soybeans and burn cleaner than paraffin candles, this makes these candles a healthier and better option for your home.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the benefits that candles can provide. Learn more and be sure to order a soy candle from Sweet Grass Farm in your favorite scent today!


One of the most obvious benefits of candles is that they are usually scented with amazing scents. Many of the popular scents used in candles are created with essential oils, which offer numerous benefits! Some essential oils offer relaxing effects with others can stimulate your brain and help you feel refreshed. At Sweet Grass Farm, we use essential oil scents that are known to provide a variety of benefits. While some of our candles are scented with popular seasonal scents, many of them are scented with essential oils that are known to be beneficial. Some of the essential oils that we use in our candles include lavender, lemon verbena, white lilac, and tangerine mint. Many of the benefits that candles offer are linked to aromatherapy and these scents can help with a number of things.

Increased Focus

\If you enjoy candles burning around you while you work, you are way ahead of the game! Candles can actually help increase focus and productivity. An article from Apartment Therapy talks about how certain scents can help stimulate your mind and improve productivity. This benefit goes hand-in-hand with the benefit of aromatherapy, since the scents are what helps boost your level of focus. Some scents that can help with your focus include cinnamon, mint, orange, lemon, and rosemary. The Sweet Grass Farm soy candles use many of these scents, allowing you to find the perfect one to work with. Use this as an excuse to cover your desk in candles and enjoy a bit of improved focus!

Improved Mood

Certain scents have actually been shown to improve mood as well. In one study mentioned in an ELLE Decor article, participants who were diagnosed with depression found that scents of citrus, mostly lemon, helped improve their mood. They were able to lower their dosage of antidepressants, while also having improved immune function and hormone levels that were better regulated. If you are feeling down and need a pick-me-up, light some lemon or citrus scented candles, close your eyes, and relax for a while. You will be feeling better in no time!

Alleviates Stress

Since candles are able to help you feel better and boost your mood, it makes sense that they can also help you alleviate stress. Many people include candles in their self-care time because they feel as though they help them relax and destress, and they are right! The aromatherapy from candles can help reduce anxiety and depression while allowing you to relax. Scents like lavender, chamomile, and white lilac can help calm your mind, ease anxiety, and reduce stress. Destress after a long day in the office by lighting some candles and closing your eyes for a few minutes.

Stimulates Memories

Memories and emotions can be triggered by certain scents, which can help boost your mood and provide you with happy feelings. There have been many studies that have found that smells can trigger emotional memories, which help improve your mood if you are feeling down for whatever reasons. When a scent is connected to a memory, you will be able to trigger those memories and improve your mood. If one of your favorite childhood memories was drinking fresh lemonade on the back porch with your family, lemon candles can help bring back those memories and make you feel happier.

Improves Sleep

Another aromatherapy benefit that candles can provide is improved sleep. Since many fragrances can help you destress and relax, it only makes sense that these scents will also help improve your sleep. Light a candle before bed, relax and meditate, and enjoy the scents of these calming essential oils. Just make sure to blow the candle out before you fall asleep!


Of course, candles are also beneficial because they add a simple and useful touch of decor to any room. If you are looking to add some stylish but simple decorations to your home, candles are not only the perfect choice but they can also be used for all of the benefits above! While candles are not being used, they double as decorative pieces.

We bet you were not aware of all of these awesome benefits that candles offer! Most people add candles to their home for the scent, the style, and for a fun touch to any occasion. However, candles can provide many more benefits.

If this inspired you to invest in some new candles for your home, be sure to shop Sweet Grass Farm! Our soy candles are a great choice that can provide you with a ton of different benefits. Shop now and contact us with any questions you may have about our natural home and beauty products.
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