Gardener’s Skin Care

Summer is upon us and that means it’s gardening season. Woohoo! There are few things we love more than a garden full of fresh herbs—basil, lavender, rosemary, yum! Or a flower bed packed with beautifully colorful flowers, especially gerbera daisies! When you’re out in the garden, elbows deep in soil, it’s easy to gets lost in thought and forget about the beating your hands are taking.

Even if you use gloves to garden, your skin and nails still gets dry and crack, leaving you in a painful situation where a brief hiatus from your gardening ventures is the only solution. At Sweet Grass Farm, we don’t want you to spend even one second away from your garden doing what you love most.

That’s why we created a line of natural skin care products designed with gardeners in mind. The collection includes hand scrubs, creams, balms, soaps and even natural insect spray. Here’s a quick rundown of our natural body products for gardeners.

Gardener’s Barrier Cream

Skin care starts with preventative measures. This means being proactive and not waiting until your skin looks like a dried up river bed. Our Gardener’s Barrier Cream is best used when applied before and after your gardening fun. All of our lovely products are made with natural ingredients and delicious smelling essential oils like rosemary and peppermint. As the name implies, this moisturizing cream creates a barrier to protect your skin from the elements when you’re getting your green thumb on.

Gardener’s Hand Scrub

After a long day in the garden, there is always that stubborn dirt that, no matter how hard you scrub and wash, never fully comes off until a few days later. If you’re tired of that pesky, seemingly-permanent soil clinging to your hands and nails, our Gardener’s Hand Scrub is for you! We found that apricot seeds are a wonderful natural exfoliator, perfect for gently scrubbing away dirt and grime. The scrub also moisturizes your skin, leaving you with fresh, soft, clean skin!

Gardener’s Hand Therapy

Our Gardener’s Hand Therapy has gotten rave reviews from customers who report using this cream after working in their flower beds and were impressed by how well it healed their dry skin. Beyond the beating your hands take in the garden, even things you do every day, like washing your hands, strip your skin of its natural oils. Your skin becomes dried out, chapped and painful. This rich and creamy hand therapy will deeply moisturize any dry patches of skin, including elbows and knees.

Gardener’s Muscle Balm

Working in the garden all day isn’t only trying on your hands, it’s a full body workout! When you’re constantly bending over, kneeling, squatting and everything in between, your muscles really start to feel the burn at the end of the day. Our Gardener’s Muscle Balm is perfect for soothing your achy muscle and helping you wind down after your long day. The natural ingredients in our muscle balm provide a warming sensation that relieves your muscles of their aches and tiredness. Cassia and peppermint essential oils provide a subtle minty scent that will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed.

Gardener’s Insect Spray

If you’re someone who avoids working in the heat of the day, gardening later in the afternoon is a great solution. But along with cooler afternoon temperatures comes bugs. And if we’re being honest here, there is nothing more annoying than a swarm of mosquitoes munching on your arms and neck when you are trying to get into your gardening flow. This is why we created our all-natural Gardener's Insect Spray. The feedback we’ve gotten from customers is that this spray works like a charm, smells amazing and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily and sticky like other bug sprays do. A client from Florida reviewed our insect spray: “Living in central Florida where our bugs are big and plentiful, this stuff is great. No more bites from our unofficial state bird, the mosquito. I love that it’s an all-natural products, due to my husband being a magnet to draw these flying pests.”

Gardener’s Bar Soap

This bar soap is perfect for both hand and full body cleaning—keep it sink-side or in the shower. Like our Gardener’s Hand Scrub, this Gardener's Bar Soap is excellent at washing away stubborn, stuck-on dirt from your hands and underneath your fingernails. We use vegetable, coconut and olive oil to provide you with maximum moisture. Just think about all of those amazing, natural oils and what they will do for your skin after a day in the garden. Kiss your dry, chapped hands goodbye and say hello to soft, hydrated hands! Rosemary and mint essential oils leave a subtle, soothing scent on your skin. This long-lasting bar of soap creates a rich lather, so you can rest assured that you are squeaky clean and totally moisturized.

The Sweet Grass Farm Difference

At Sweet Grass Farm, we create all of our products with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. We never, ever test our products on animals and our soy candles are paraben free. So whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or wanting to purchase our products wholesale or are interested in becoming a retailer, we thank you for stopping by our site. We appreciate and value every single one of our customers because without you, we wouldn’t be here!

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