How To Make Sure Cleaning Products Are Safe

How To Make Sure Cleaning Products Are Safe

Did you know that your cleaners could be harming you? Traditional cleaning products are laden with chemicals that, with too much exposure, can cause a whole bunch of short-term or immediate health problems. Common problems are headaches, dizziness, respiratory and eye irritation, and asthma attacks. Some household cleaners contain carcinogens, neurotoxins, reproductive system toxins, and hormone disruptors. So, unless you want to be exposed to toxins, it’s a good idea to look into another solution. People are often hesitant to stray from household cleaners that they are familiar with, the ones with chemicals, because they’re afraid that natural cleaners don’t actually get the job done. However, keeping your home clean doesn’t require heavy-duty chemicals. The truth is, harsh, antibacterial cleaners are usually unnecessary and don’t actually clean any better than natural, non-toxic cleaners.

What To Look For:

When you’re shopping for cleaners to use in your home, you want to watch out for two primary ingredients: chlorine and ammonia. These two chemicals are some of the oldest cleaners, and the harshest. They kill germs on contact, but they also are toxic. When looking for less harmful cleaners, read the label. Look for non-toxic cleaners that do not have chlorine, ammonia, alcohols, triclosan, triclocarban, lye, or glycol ethers. You want to look for labels that read, “petroleum-free,” “biodegradable,” or “phosphate free.” If you’re looking for a fresh scent, look for products that use essential oils like lavender or lemon.

It’s important to learn from the label when shopping for cleaning products. Manufacturers of cleaning products aren’t required to disclose all the ingredients. This can lead to hidden chemicals being in your cleaning products without you even realizing it. To shop smart, look for the following signal words:

  • “Danger” or “poison” indicates that if accidentally ingested, the product can be lethal.
  • Products with warning labels are dangerous, but less so than products with the “poison” warning.
  • “Caution” is another warning sign.
  • “Corrosive”, “severely irritating”, “strong sensitizer”, “highly flammable”, or “highly combustible”.

For a clean that is totally chemical free, look for ingredients like white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and cleansers that are biodegradable. They are safe solutions that are strong enough to kill mold and mildew. The acid in these solutions crosses the bacteria’s cell membrane, prompting a release of protons, which kills the cells naturally.

Sweet Grass Farms’ created natural cleaning products are made to be safe to use and are suitable for uses all over your house. Use them to safely do laundry, clean your windows, countertops, woodwork, bathroom surfaces, kitchen surfaces, dishes, and freshen up rooms in your home. We create natural, safe home cleaning products that kill germs and neutralize caked on grease and grime. They are made with biodegradable plant-derived cleansers, water, and essential and fragrance oils. That’s it! They come in different refreshing scents like grapefruit, lavender, lemon verbena, fresh white lilac, and sage and juniper. Don’t settle for something harmful to you and your loved ones, shop our entire selection of plant based home cleaners today. 

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