The Best Essential Oils For Summer

The Best Essential Oils For Summer

As the world around us begins to thaw and the sun starts to shine a little brighter, it is clear that summer is rapidly approaching! With the change of the seasons, there are many swaps we make throughout our homes and lives. We trade cozy sweaters for comfy tanks, the fireplace for open windows, movie nights for relaxing on the back porch. Even the fragrances throughout our home change. While many of us get excited about the scents of winter, summertime fragrances are just as great!

From hand soaps and candles to cleaning supplies, there are many different ways you can add the best summer fragrances and essential oils to your home. These scents can bring on those summer vibes and help you enjoy every last bit of the warmer weather.

At Sweet Grass Farm, we can help you add the best summertime essential oils and fragrances to your home through our collection of candles, lotions, soaps, cleaning and laundry products, and bath and body products. We use essential oils to give our natural products the best fragrances for any time of the year! You can shop our natural body and home goods by product or by fragrance to ensure you are getting the perfect scent for your home.

As you prepare your home for summer, be sure to shop our collection of products to find the perfect fragrances for you! In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best fragrant choices you can pick during the summer months.


Grapefruit is a great essential oil and fragrance for the summertime. The citrusy aroma adds to the overall summer feel and can keep your home smelling fresh. But the scent isn’t the only thing that grapefruit is good for. This essential oil offers many additional benefits as well. Grapefruit essential oil offers anti-inflammatory benefits, which makes it great to apply to scratches, scrapes, and cuts after adding carrier oil to it. This essential oil can also be used in a beauty routine. Simply mix with coconut oil and apply it with some warm water to create a natural makeup remover.

For more grapefruit fragrance, shop our collection of natural grapefruit products. From hand soaps and lotions to linen spray and soy candles, we have a huge collection of great products to choose from that offer that wonderful and zesty grapefruit scent.


Lemon is another citrusy and refreshing fragrance that adds to those sweet summertime vibes. Lemon essential oil can give your home the fresh aroma that everyone knows and loves. This essential oil is truly the perfect summer scent and can be used for a variety of purposes. Lemon can be used for cleaning, act as a natural pest repellent, be added to water for a refreshing taste, and so much more. Lemon essential oil has antiseptic, diuretic, antidepressant, and antioxidant properties, which makes it such a great choice. You can even enjoy an evening on the porch without worrying about mosquitos by adding a few drops with liquid coconut oil. This will keep the pests at bay while also adding a lovely scent to the surrounding area.

Sweet Grass Farm can also provide you with that fresh lemon scent with our variety of products. If you love that fresh summer scent, be sure to shop our collection of lemon verbena home and bath products! By adding these natural fragrance products around your home, you can enjoy a lemon scent wherever you go.


Lavender is a calming, soothing, and lovely scent that can give your home a pleasant aroma. This essential oil offers a floral fragrance which is always a popular choice for summer. This is a great essential oil if you have trouble sleeping. The scent is soothing and relaxing and can help you relax and improve your sleep. You can take a warm bath with a few drops of the essential oil in it before bed and add a few drops of water and spray it on your pillowcase to help relax your mind and enjoy a better night’s sleep. Lavender essential oil can also be used to help wounds heal faster as well! Just add some to a bandage and place it over a deep cut or scar. You can also use it to relieve anxiety, relax muscles, reduce pain, and treat insect bites. This is an essential oil that offers many different benefits!

Our collection of lavender homecare and bath and body products can help give your home the lovely floral aroma. Add our hand soaps, lotions, dish soaps, laundry sachets, and our other lavender scented products to your home and enjoy the benefits that this scent has to offer.


Fresh white lilac is one scent that reminds many people of a warm spring day. This beautiful floral scent is a perfect choice for summer and the essential oil can also provide you with a variety of benefits. Lilac essential oil offers antifungal and antibacterial properties, anxiety relief, and can treat a variety of skin problems. Having lilac essential oil around your home can provide you with many benefits as well as a great aroma!

Our fresh white lilac collection is full of great home and body products that you can add around your home to truly enjoy this fresh and floral scent. Be sure to shop through our soy candles, hand soaps, lotions, and home cleaning products to find the perfect white lilac product for your home!

There are so many great summer essential oils that you can add to your collection and experience a variety of benefits. We love the floral and citrusy scents that make us think of summer. Our fragrance collections can help you add some of these great scents to your home. We already talked about many of these aromas but we wanted to talk about a few more that are perfect to add to your collection as the weather warms up!

Peony Rose

Rose is a great scent for the summer. The fresh blend of rose and peony creates the perfect floral scent that will give your home a fresh garden smell. You can find this lovely scent in soy candles, hand soap, and lotion. Add our products from this collection to your home and enjoy the beautiful smell of summer!

Herb Blossom

Our herb blossom collection has a beautiful mix of coriander, thyme, and tarragon blossoms to give you a unique and great scent for summer. These products have an herbal aroma with a hint of parsley to create a fragrance that is unlike any other. You will love these home and body care products during those warm summer months.

At Sweet Grass Farm, we carry a ton of great natural products with fragrances that are perfect for summer. Be sure to shop through our homecare and bath and body items to find the perfect summer items. You will love the natural ingredients and the wonderful aromas. Contact us today to learn more about our products!

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