Occasions That Call for Gifting Natural Soap & Candles

Occasions That Call for Gifting Natural Soap & Candles

Certain occasions call for special and thoughtful gifts, but the hangup of determining what the right gift to get can be overwhelming and stressful. If you’re struggling to find a perfect gift, keep reading! We’re going to cover some of the most special of occasions and tell you which of our products will make for a lovely gift.


When you think about birthdays, what is the first thing to come to your mind? If you said birthday cake, think about the second thing to come to mind: candles! Candles on a birthday are a sign of wishes for the next year to come, and what better way to keep those wishes coming than to gift a natural ingredient candle. Our Farmhouse Soy Candles come in a variety of sizes and scents. Choose a large candle or a couple of small candles in a scent that you know they’ll love and send the recipient into a year full of incredible scents and countless wishes.


While a good chunk of our products are intended for use in and after a shower, these are also great gifts for both baby and bridal showers. These types of events are built on the event of showering the expecting mother or bride with gifts from her dearest friends, and all of our products make for a great gift! From our relaxing bath soaks to our lotion and soap caddies, you can find all sorts of gifts that make for an excellent gift for your showering events.

Graduation Gifts

Do you have a loved one that is going to be graduating from high school or college? If you do, then finding them the perfect gift is something that you need to count on doing. Toss out the idea of giving a gift card, because you can definitely do better than that! Instead, give your little graduate one of our many handmade bars of soap. If you want to give them a few types of soaps, consider purchasing our two pack of soaps so that they can get a feel for all our great fragrances.

House Warming

Moving into a new place or purchasing a home is something that deserves to be celebrated, and when you’re looking for the perfect gift to welcome someone into their new home, Sweet Grass Farm is a great place to look. Though cleaning products may not seem like the most common gifts to give to someone, our natural cleaning products are a great gift to give to someone that is looking to take good care of their home and really settle in.

If you’re looking for something a little more along the lines of home goods, then choosing any of our soy candles, bath soaks, or handmade soaps will make for a perfect gift to open up this new chapter of a home. Find a scent that will make for a gracious greeting when they walk through their new door.


This goes without saying, anniversaries call for a thoughtful gift! Whether it’s your first or 12th anniversary, getting your loved one a gift that shows them you care about them is a must. What better way to say you love them than with a pampering product like our Enamelware Bowl Gift Set. This gift set is not only an adorable gift set, but it has everything that your special someone needs to pamper themselves.

Shop Sweet Grass Farm Products

The occasions that we’ve listed above are only a few of the times where our products make for great gifts, but they aren’t the only ones. If you’re looking for a sweet gift, you can always count on Sweet Grass Farm.

Here at Sweet Grass Farm, we make each of our products with quality in mind, knowing that they are one of the sweetest gifts to receive on a special occasion. Be sure to check out all of the products that we’ve mentioned above when shopping for your special occasion, but also check out our entire soap collection and our candle collection. We know you’ll find something you love.

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