Reasons To Buy Natural Soaps

Reasons To Buy Natural Soaps

There is a lot you may not know about the soaps you’ve been buying. Commercially-made soaps are full of harsh ingredients that are harmful to both you and the environment. Naturally-made soaps are worth the investment for both your health and for the sake of the earth. Sweet Grass Farm is dedicated to handcrafting creative, good-for-you products that you can be confident in buying. This blog will outline the benefits of natural soap, with the hope that you will make smart choices when buying products that can affect your health.

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Natural Soaps Don’t Harm Your Skin

Commercially-made soaps aren’t allowed to call themselves soap. Calling themselves a soap is illegal. They’re technically detergents. They brand themselves as “body bars”, “cream bars”, “cleansing bars”, and other names that sound like soap, but hide the fact that legally, they can’t call their product a “soap”. When you think about detergent, it’s easy to think of harsh chemicals that you put into your laundry to clean your clothes. Detergents are not made for skin, like natural soaps are. Commercially-made bars are made with chemical additives that dry out your skin, and strip it of natural oils. This results in rashes, skin irritations, and may be harmful to your health. Individuals who suffer from eczema or psoriasis have often reported that commercially-made bars made their conditions worse, while natural soap provided soothing relief.

Natural soap is made with real, wholesome ingredients that moisturize your skin and add to it, rather than strip it of what it needs. Some common ingredients in natural soaps are olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, water, goat’s milk, and essential oils.

Natural Soaps Have Glycerin

Natural soaps contain a key ingredient to moisturizing and softening skin -- glycerin. The process of mixing water, oils, and butters naturally creates glycerin and, in natural soap, it is left in the bar. Glycerin is a natural skin softener that attracts water from the surrounding air to moisturize your skin when used. It is great for moisturizing, soothing, maintaining skin’s water balance, nourishing, healing the skin from damage, protecting the skin through thickening the epidermal layer of skin, and enhancing the skin’s appearance, creating the beautiful glow of healthy skin.Typical, store-bought soaps have had all the glycerin removed so that they can place it into lotions and creams. This generates more profit for them by forcing you to buy one product that cleans and another product that moisturizes, instead of one product that does both.  

Natural Soaps Are Beneficial For Your Overall Health

Your skin is more absorbent than you’d think. It matters what you expose your skin to, and if skin is exposed to harmful substances, over time your health will suffer. Your skin’s absorption is much the same as what goes into your mouth. Constant skin exposure to chemicals will cause your body to store the chemicals in your body fat or even your brain. When these chemicals accumulate in the body, illness can occur. A common ingredient in antibacterial soaps is triclosan, which is a toxic chemical that has a reputation for causing cancer. Your skin can absorb substances for up to 20 hours after initial exposure, which means your skin can be still absorbing triclosan for much longer than the 30 seconds it takes to wash your hands. What your skin absorbs matters.

Natural Soaps Benefit The Environment

Everything you use to clean (yourself or anything else) goes down the drain. The lather that goes down the drain ends up in our water supply, ultimately affecting our ecosystem. Synthetic chemicals from commercially-made soaps, body washes, and other body products have been beginning to sneak into water purification plants through the lather going down your drain. The chemicals in commercially-made soaps and other products include phthalates, linked to reproductive disorders, and parabens, which lead to cancer. Making sure what you put down the drain is just as important as what you put in your body. It affects our health and our ecosystem through the water supply. Natural soaps and skin care products do not send harmful chemicals into our ecosystem, as well as they benefit your skin’s health and your overall health.

Sweet Grass Farm proudly uses natural, plant-derived ingredients only in our products. We do not test our products on animals, and they are chemical-free to soothe and nourish your skin and help the environment. Shop our collection of natural soaps now and see for yourself!

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