What Is Your Fragrance Personality?

When it comes to your body products, the scent you love says a lot about who you are. Smell is one of the strongest senses, and has the power to trigger memories and evoke feelings. You can tell a lot about a person based on what they smell like. The window to the soul may not be the eyes anymore, it may be your favorite fragrance.

Sweet Grass Farm produces lightly fragranced, natural body products designed to care for your skin. Here’s what each of our most popular soap scents says about you.

    New England Woods

      This scent is for those who love being in nature. The warm, earthiness of it reminds nature lovers of the smell that fills your nose when you’re out surrounded by trees and fresh air. If this is your signature scent, you are one who loves freedom and adventure, but doesn’t back down from a challenge. To make the scent a bit more aromatic and dynamic, like you, we threw in a hint of citrus.

        Fresh White Lilac

          If fresh white lilac is your go-to scent, you are on the feminine and romantic side. You like traditional scents, as well as classic things in general. You are sweet, yet refreshing and have a desirable, contagious quality about you that people love. These scents are most often preferred by women who like to dress up and wear light, delicate makeup to go with your sweet scent.


              This fresh and fruity scent is for people who are young and energetic at heart. Our grapefruit scented soaps and lotions are dynamic, bright, and spicy just like you. If this is your preferred scent, most likely you’re an extrovert with a little bit of sass.

                Green Tea And Seaweed

                  If you’re a green tea and seaweed scent lover, chances are you love earthy scents that remind you of being outside. You’re laid back and type b in personality, but also have a free spirit. You go with the flow, and aren’t bothered by a whole lot.

                    Lemon Verbena

                      Just like citrus is a dominant, dynamic flavor, you are a dominant and dynamic individual. If lemon verbena is your chosen fragrance, you are a take-charge person who is strong-minded, and ambitious. You are a natural leader, and you go after what you want.


                          If lavender is your chosen scent, chances are, you have a lot of friends. Like lavender, you’re refreshing, easy to be around, and naturally attract people to you. You’re also contemplative and thoughtful, especially when it comes to relationships. You never forget a loved one’s birthday, and are always there for people around you who may be going through a tough time.

                            Vanilla Oatmeal

                              If you like vanilla oatmeal, you’re anything but vanilla! Vanilla scent lovers are lively, and the life of the party. You love adventure and having fun, hate staying home on the weekend, and know how to start a party. You gather energy from being around a lot of other people, and love making new friends.

                                Coconut Almond

                                  If you love coconut almond, everyone will be able to tell because chances are you’re the most stylish and fashion forward of everyone around you. You are a great leader who is authoritative and enjoys looking the part with finer dress. Although you’re authoritative and lead well, you’re sensitive to others’ criticism. Although you don’t get criticism often because those around you trust your guidance.

                                  Whatever scent you are, Sweet Grass Farm creates natural body products that nourish your skin as well as leave it clean. Check out our entire plant-based skin care line, and never go back to chemical-based body products.

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