Handcut Bar Soap

$4.00 USD

Product Description

Our handmade soaps treat your hands like royalty, and last a long time. They are gentle and soothing on your hands to provide the care they need!

  • Pure essential oil fragrance
  • Hand-cut and hand-made
  • Long-lasting
  • Soothing for skin

We use high-quality olive oil as a base for our lovely soaps. Fragranced with pure essential oils, herbs, and nutrients, the soaps are hand stirred, hand cut and aged for 28 days. The soapmaking process is lengthy and we feel like we get to know each bar personally.  They contain loads of natural glycerin and wonderful rich lather. We find that many people, once they try our soaps, can't go back to the harsh bars they were using before. They're absolutely smitten. Each hefty 4-ounce bar lasts a long time and will change your washing experience. Try one or two!


  • All Soaps are made in small, hand stirred batches with Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Water
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Spring Water
  • Essential and Fragrance Oils
  • Herbs
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 98 reviews
    Nancy Oxton
    Love their products

    I have been ordering their soaps for years and absolutely love them! The quality, the scents, the friendliness and wonderfulness of the ordering process!

    Z Mann
    Good and affordable

    I've only tried the New England Forest, its my clear favorite, but I'm sure the others feel and smell good too. Lathers up good and sudsy. Make good gifts too.
    Beats the cheap stuff by a mile and is comparable in my opinion to the more expensive over-priced soaps.

    Debora Kovacs
    Naturally refreshing!

    This soap is naturally delightful! It cleans without drying, leaving skin feeling refreshed.

    Patti Sears
    Bars of Soap

    I started buying this product from a store. I love this soap so much. The Clove Cinnamon Bay is my favorite. 4 years ago I bought this and starting using it in my shower. I would come to work and people would compliment me on my "perfume". I don't wear perfume, but this soap smells good long after your bath or shower. My co-worker loved it so much I bought him a bar. He left it in his office for aroma therapy. 4 years later we both take a sniff on hectic, stressful days, and it soothes away the tension. It rinses off so well, and leaves only the remaining scent on my skin. Thank you for this product - keep up the great work.

    Wonderful soap!

    All fragrances are very nice--real, not perfumey. The soap has become my one and only in the bathroom: sink for hands and shower as shampoo, face soap and body wash. My hair is short and this does an excellent job, better than liquid soaps. It cleans well and does not over strip. Same goes as a face soap. I've replaced my facial cleanser. This is mild enough not to dry my middle-aged skin and yet removes makeup fully. As a body wash, it works even after a hard day's work when some others might not do the trick. I love the ecological footprint of these bars: no toxic chemicals, no microbeads, no plastic packaging and they're even shipped in earth-friendly packaging. Thank you, Sweet Grass Farm!