Ingredient Information

Ingredient Name What It Is Why We Use It
Allantoin compound derived from comfrey root water-soluble hydrator and anti inflammatory agent
Benzothiazolinone non-formaldehyde preservative effective product preservative
Caprylyl/myristyl glucoside  non-ionic surfactant derived from vegetables and sugar mild cleansing surfactant and solubilizer for essential oils
Cetyl Alcohol coconut derived fatty alcohol thickens and emulsifies product for consistency
Coco Betaine non-synthetic plant based surfactant surfactant that aids in hydration, lather and as a thickening agent
Emulsifying Wax non-ionic vegetable derived wax emulsify water and essential oils
Glycerin corn derived humectant attracts moisture and softens skin
Glyceryl Cocoate non-ionic surfactant derived from coconuts emulsifier and emollient
Lauryl Glucoside mild sugar derived surfactant provides cleaning efficacy and stability in solutions
Methylisothiazolinone non-formaldehyde preservative effective product preservative
Mineral Oil highly refined and purified occlusive derivative of petroleum attracts moisture and softens skin
Polysorbate 20 plant derived emulsifier solubilizes fragrance into solution
Potassium Sorbate non-formaldehyde preservative effective food grade preservative
Stearic Acid vegetable sugar keeps detergent intact from temperature changes during shipping
Stearyl Alcohol fatty alcohol derived from coconut and palm kernels emulsifies product for consistency
Silicone occlusive compound derived from polymers hydrator and skin softener
Sodium Benzoate non-formaldehyde preservative effective food grade preservative
Sodium Bicarbonate baking soda derived from soda ash removes laundry odors, balances water pH
Sodium Cocoamphoacetate gentle surfactant derived from coconut oil foam booster and viscosity builder
Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate vegetable and corn derived surfactant mild surfactant and emulsifier
Sodium Gluconate salt form from fermentation of gluconic acid preservative and sequestrant to help cleansing products foam better in hard water
Sodium Palmate derived from saponification reaction of palm oil fatty acids with sodium hydroxide surfactant and emulsifying agent
Sodium Palmate Kernelate derived from palm kernel oil with sodium hydroxide mild cleanser and emulsifying agent
Sorbic Acid fatty acid derived from rowan trees natural preservative
Xantham Gum plant derived polysaccharide from bio fermentation process product thickener
*Please note, this list of ingredients has been listed in alphabetical order for convenience and is not indicative of their percentage of formula volume. This is not a comprehensive list of ingredients used. If you have a specific question about an ingredient you've found in one of our products please contact us.