Best Essential Oils For Relieving Stress

When it comes to stress, the thing we all strive to figure out is how to relieve ourselves of it. Some people resort to exercise or time with friends as stress relievers, while others may require medication to help them manage their stress. At Sweet Grass Farm, we have always been interested in finding ways to use natural ingredients to our benefit, which is why we created a line of natural bodycare products using plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. If you are like us and enjoy using natural products in your health and beauty regimens, take a look at these essential oils that aid in stress relief and will help you relax when anxiety is creeping in.

We include many of these essential oils in our soaps and bodycare products, so take a look at our online store to find your perfect product! We have created an option for you to shop by fragrance, so when you discover your favorite essential oil, locating all of our lavender-scented products, for example, will be easy peasy!

What is an essential oil?

An essential oil is a natural oil that is extracted through distillation and has the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which it was obtained. According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), the term “essential oil” is actually a contraction of the original term, “quintessential oil.” In history, people believed that matter is composed of four elements: fire, earth, air and water. People also believed that there was a fifth element, or quintessence, which was the spirit. At that time, it was thought that distillation was the process of removing the spirit, or life force, from a plant. For an essential oil to be a true essential oil, it must be isolated by physical means only, including distillation, cold pressing and maceration/distillation. If you are interested in learning more about how essential oils are extracted, check out this helpful resource from the NAHA.

How are essential oils applied?

There are many ways you can enjoy the calming and soothing effects of essential oils. Some of those methods are:

  • Direct inhalation: Rub one or two drops of the essential oil onto your hands and take a long, deep breath in.
  • Reed diffuser: Fill a small jar or cup with the essential oil and place a few reed sticks into the oil. The oil will travel up the reeds and fill your room with the wonderful scent.
  • Apply to skin: Rub one or two drops of the essential oil onto your wrists, temples or neck.
  • On-the-go solution: Dab a few drops of essential oil on a scarf or handkerchief that you carry with you throughout the day.

Which essential oils are best for stress relief?

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to improve overall health and well-being. It’s growing popularity can be attributed to the fact that many people report reduction in pain and stress after an aromatherapy treatment. By inhaling specific essential oils, the brain slows down, providing you with an overall feeling of relaxation and reduced negative thinking. Stress affects your body in a number of ways including hindering digestion, suppressing your immune system, interrupting your sleep patterns, increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease and more. When used properly, these essential oils will help reduce your stress:


If you have ever enjoyed a chamomile scented candle or bottle of lotion, you know what a wonderful and calming scent it is. People frequently drink chamomile tea to relax and fall asleep at night, so chamomile in the concentrated essential oil form will only amplify the soothing properties. Chamomile makes you less irritable and improves your inner harmony. According to an article by the National Institutes of Health, “Chamomile may provide clinically meaningful antidepressant activity that occurs in addition to its previously observed anxiolytic activity.” To enjoy the benefits of chamomile essential oil, you can use a reed diffuser, dab the oil directly onto your skin, or place a couple of drops onto an eye mask. Breathe deeply and focus on relaxing thoughts, like waves crashing on the beach or wind blowing through a field of sunflowers.


Lavender is probably one of the most popular and well known essential oils. Lavender oil has a calming, relaxing effect and is a nervous system restorative. Like chamomile, lavender improves inner peace and helps reduce restlessness, irritability and general nervous tension. A number of clinical trials have proven the calming effects of lavender—one study examined lavender oil’s ability to lower anxiety in patients who were going to the dentist and undergoing bypass surgery! Lavender is a well-known sleep aid, and works extremely well if you place a couple of drops on your pillow at night or on an eye mask. To experience the restorative effects of lavender all day, put a few dabs of the essential oil on your wrists and neck. At Sweet Grass Farm, we carry a full line of lavender scented products including hand soaps, room sprays, hand lotion, laundry soap, candles and more.


Grapefruit is a member of the citrus family, which is known for having fragrances that are uplifting and refreshing. Grapefruit essential oil helps reduce a multitude of ailments including stress, mental fatigue, depression and headaches. In the morning, a quick spritz of grapefruit scented room spray will perk you up and have you feeling ready and inspired to conquer the day. Grapefruit is also known for its ability to suppress your appetite—so if you are a someone who eats uncontrollably when stress sets in, grapefruit essential oil will give you the one-two punch you need to combat stress and stress eating! When you shop our collection of natural body products, search by fragrance to find our extensive line of grapefruit scented goods!


What comes to mind when you think of peppermint? Our guess is you are thinking of gum, toothpaste or candy canes. Did you know, though, that peppermint essential oil is great stress reliever? Peppermint contains menthol which is a natural anesthetic that feels cool and tingly when applied to the skin. Like citrus, peppermint oil provides a very uplifting and energizing scent to help you start your day on the right note. Or, if you need to push through a busy and stressful afternoon, peppermint helps to keep you alert and mentally refreshed. Peppermint oil is very concentrated, more so than other essential oils, so we recommend pairing it with something like coconut or almond oil.

There are many other essential oils that aid in relaxation and stress relief. Other popular anxiety-reducing oils include lemongrass, frankincense, jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood. At Sweet Grass Farm, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality natural body products. We sell everything from candles to laundry soap, muscle balms and much, much more. If you are interested in becoming a retailer or simply want to shop our awesome online store, stop by today!
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