Farmhouse Fragrance Sticks

$24.95 USD

Product Description

This set of all-natural fragrance sticks & oil smells and looks amazing! A clear 6" glass jar holds 8 oz of fragrance oil.

  • All natural ingredients
  • Jar holds 8 oz of natural oil fragrances
  • Available in 6 different fragrances
  • Oils are pure and not diluted

The absorbent sticks draw oil up and out of the jar. When the oil hits the air, it gently evaporates into the surrounding room leaving your home smelling like a gorgeous garden on a Spring afternoon or a crisp bayside breeze. We offer 6 different fragrances for you to choose from.

We make sure to combine pure oils and don't dilute them with water or harsh solvents for longer-lasting performance. If the sticks get a little dry after a few days, simply turn them upside down and a fresh wave of fragrance will fill your home once again! Try them out today!

  • Clear jar: ~6" height
  • 8 oz of natural fragrance
  • Available Scents: farmhouse lemon verbena, farmhouse lavender, farmhouse lilac, farmhouse tangerine mint, farmhouse sage & juniper, farmhouse grapefruit.

Customer Reviews

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It is a nice concept to have the oil wick up and give off a nice scent but unless I put my nose right up to the reeds I smell nothing in the room.

All Natural Hand Lotion

I love Sweet Grass Farm's hand lotion. There are no chemicals used in the making of this product. The company uses ingredients that won't harm your skin and are good for the environment! More companies should follow in line when producing products for the body. When you put a product on your skin, if there are chemicals in it, they are absorbed into the skin and into your bloodstream. Chemicals only add to the toxic load our bodies have to eliminate on a daily basis. No wonder there is so much cancer and other diseases these days. Bravo to Sweet Grass Farm!!!

Fragrance sticks

Wanted to buy citrus and basil fragrance stocks to replace the one I had, because it was all used up. Enjoy the fragrance so much. I have had it for a long while, but it lasted for ever. I noticed that this scent was not available. Maybe you might bring it back again. Thanks.

Fig and Cedarwood

Please , please, please bring the fig and cedar wood scent back !
I used to order for myself and my family ! I've tried other scents . They are great! However , I am lost without my favorite scent in the world . It's been a few years and I've been looking everywhere to find a similar scent. It's not happening ! I am begging you to bring this back , pretty please!

Fragrance Sticks

This is a new product for me. I like the fragrance, but the sticks seem slow to take up the oil.