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Sweet Grass Farm

All-Natural Laundry Soap Concentrate

All-Natural Laundry Soap Concentrate

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Eco-friendly and low-sudsing, our laundry soap concentrate is kind to nature and your clothes. This thoughtfully curated formula skips the fillers and additives and is perfect for HE washers. 

  • 4lb bag is good for 50 loads of laundry
  • Free from harsh chemicals and synthetics
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Gentle for those with sensitive skin

Ingredients: Low-sudsing cleansers naturally derived from coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, fragrance and essential oils

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Customer Reviews

Based on 218 reviews
Michelle Mertz
Natural powder laundry soap

Love this product! It doesn’t have that heavy perfumed scent. Smells like when you hang your clothes on a clothes line outdoors. Cleans good.

Love these laundry soaps

I found these after reading a rave review as I was looking for a cleaner detergent for my clothes and the environment. I absolutely love this laundry soap! My favorite is the lavender. The lilac is very nice, more of a baby scent. The smell fills the air even before you put it in the machine. I use a little more than the 1/3 cup per load because I like the smell. I usually wash in cold or semi warm max. I dry on the delicate cycle, too. I find that is enough to get clothes dry and it helps to preserve to lovely smell in the clothes. I noticed a lot of reviews say the scent doesn’t last, but try drying on low. It will prevent that from happening. Enjoy!

Laura Schwery
Laundry a soap - Lavender

This is hands down my favorite laundry soap. I have two little kids with very sensitive skin. This is the ONLY soap that works for us. We’ve tried many different brands and I always come back to this. Shipping may be a lot, but it’s worth it.

Carol Cadigan

All-Natural Laundry Soap Concentrate

Mary Federer

All-Natural Laundry Soap Concentrate