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Sweet Grass Farm

Natural Lightly-Fragranced Sachets

Natural Lightly-Fragranced Sachets

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Freshen drawers, gym bags, shoes, pet beds and anything else needs a little love. Each bundle includes three sachets with fragranced beads that provide constant aroma while dried, chipped corn absorbs moisture and unpleasant scents.  

  • Three linen sachets per bundle
  • Perfect for cars, gym lockers, drawers
  • Absorbs unpleasant odors
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 89 reviews
    Love the scents, but they didn't last

    I bought white lilac and lavender. The smell was lovely on arrival, but it faded very quickly. Literally, within about three weeks there was no scent at all to either set. And, sadly, the sachets in the dryer didn't impart any smell to my clothing. Not something I'll reorder.

    Valarie Ullery

    I like the product. I had bought several years ago frequently and it came with extra bags. The first time I used this time the bag split at the seam and I had a lot of lavender to get out of my clothes, lint trap and dryer. I need the extra bag.

    Patricia Lamonte
    Loved the sachets.

    The fragrance remains in my clothes after drying and feels and smells wonderful! Great products will buy many in the foture.

    Donna Carey

    I loved both the lavender hand soap and laundry sachets. Am planning to order more for holiday gifts.

    Dana T.
    Great product!

    Love the scent of these lavender laundry sachets! They are an awesome alternative to drier sheets! The packets were missing the extra bag for putting them in the drier (definitely needed! I’ve had them spill before- but still a great product!). The company sent me extras right out when I let them know! Great customer service!! Have bought before, will buy again.