Refill Oil for Diffuser Sticks

$11.95 USD

Product Description

Already have your Fragrance Stick kit and just need an oil refill? Pick your favorite scent and keep enjoying the wonderful fragrance!  

  • Long-lasting scent
  • Natural oils and ingredients
  • Clean, and bright fragrance

We make sure to combine pure, intense oils that have some staying power. We don't dilute them with water, or harsh solvents, so there is long lasting performance. Every couple of days, if the sticks get a little dry, you can simply turn them upside down and a fresh wave of fragrance will waft on by. Don't forget to get a fresh bundle of Reeds! Pick one out today

Customer Reviews

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Ruth Medros
Lavender Diffiser and Sticks

Tender Crop Farm in Dover did not have any in stock, but I was pleased that I could get this on line. Love the scent.

Mark Woodrich
Great Product!

Over the last couple of years, my wife has purchased several diffusers and usually buys an entirely new diffuser when the old one runs dry. I finally got on line and found Sweet Grass based on positive reviews. From these reviews, I bought the New England Woods and Tangerine Mint replenishment oils. I am impressed not only with the scent, but also the aromatic strength of the oil. This is a great choice to renew your stick diffusers instead of repeatedly buying new.

Jutka Varhegyi
New England Woods

I just love this fragrance and I am sharing it with others.

Joyce Langelier
Warm Vanilla Milk Diffuser Oil

I adore your diffusers received one as a gift several years ago in fragrance Warm Vanilla Milk it is my absolute favorite! please please undiscontinue it!

Joyce Thibodeau

Love the oil/diffusers!